December 2019

Ruthin Castle In our September 2019 edition, we featured the problems and issues at the then for sale Ruthin Castle Hotel. By mid-September, it had sold for £5m. There are reported to be significant plans afoot which, we understand, involve an indoor swimming pool of some sort. The new owners have already made progress. Of course, we’ve heard about investment before. From 2004, the Saint Claires invested over £4m. In January 2013, they entered into a voluntary agreement with their creditors and this followed the ambitious upgrade to four-star standards and the addition in 2012 of the Moat Spa. It was in June 2014 that the hotel went into administration. In July 2014, though, Ruthin Castle Hotel was almost immediately bought by Kepler Capital Ltd, the Prima Hotel Group and its existing management. They, too, promised investment, including bringing 10 more rooms back into use. One of the issues believed to face the new owners is the previous standard of workmanship. It seems that investment in a building of this size and scope has always proven to be challenging. Meanwhile, there continues to be the knotty question of the castle walls. In 2016, the owners and others formed a trust to deal with them and in 2017 Cadw stepped in to stabilise the mediæval structure. Since then, the walls have gone into reverse a little and we await the trust’s views on that.
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