December 2019

Old Courthouse Update By the Town Council’s KATE HARCUS It has been a busy couple of months. You may have noticed a lot of activity taking place at The Old Courthouse throughout September and October. Oakwood Property and their contractors have done a marvellous job of ripping out the remaining parts of the bank fittings that we didn’t need or want and in bringing the interior into the 21st Century. If you have been following the progress on the Town Council’s Facebook page, you will have seen that there is now a beautiful Berwyn Slate floor, striking radiators (which are now working, after being reconnected to the gas main by November 10th), modern kitchen, smart internal and & external lighting, new toilets, including an accessible one, baby change unit, security system and audio-visual equipment. There are still a few tasks to complete, but we have taken delivery of chairs and tables, crockery and glasses. So, we are ready to welcome some groups in to use the Old Courthouse for test events, which will help us develop our operational procedures and systems. And, of course, we are really looking forward to having the Ruthin Town Council meetings in our new home. Our new manager, Kate Harcus, started in October 2019. Until the office space has access to the internet (by all accounts an essential these days), she has been working at home, in the library and taking the opportunity to meet with some volunteers, traders and councillors. She will be the main point of contact for the Old Courthouse and, once we have the IT system in place, we will share her contact details. In the meantime, for those who support Facebook, she can be contacted via the Town Council page. As mentioned, there will be a number of events taking place in the Old Courthouse over the next four months, and we will be officially opening in late February/early March. We have some fun plans for the opening ceremony, which we look forward to sharing with you in the New Year.
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