December 2019

Planning Proposals 2018/19 The Civic Association ,looks at all local planning applications… In the year that has passed since the last Annual General Meeting of the Ruthin and District Civic Association in October 2018, Denbighshire County Council has received a wide range of planning applications that were submitted for approval. The variety reflects the diverse nature of the proposed schemes that individuals, businesses and developers wish to build in our area. Planning is a regular item on the Committee’s agenda for its monthly meetings and we regularly scrutinise the planning applications that are submitted in our postal addresses. One of the Civic Association’s aims is to support high standards of planning and architecture in our area and we will make constructive and supportive comments as necessary, as well as objecting to proposals that could be considered inappropriate or insensitive. The majority of applications submitted during the last year have been received positively and the following gives a flavour of the schemes that were being proposed. Small Scale Domestic Extensions and Alterations Many were considering improving their dwellings and submissions were received from residents in Ruthin, Llanbedr Dyffryn Clwyd, Llangynhafal, Gellifor, Graigadwywynt, Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd, Clawddnewydd, Pentre Celyn, Rhewl, Llanelidan, Efenechtyd, Cyffylliog, Galltegfa and Pwllglas. New Dwellings A number of applications were submitted for new houses, or small groups of new houses, in the area including at Cyffylliog, Llanfwrog, Llanbedr Dyffryn Clwyd, Ruthin, Pentre Celyn, Gellifor, Galltegfa, Clawddnewydd, Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd, Rhewl, Clocaenog and Llanelidan. Larger housing schemes included 38 dwellings at Llanbedr Dyffryn Clwyd (Clwyd Alyn), 77 homes at Glasdir, Ruthin (Clwyd Alyn) and 35 extra care apartments at Llys Awelon, Ruthin (Grwp Cynefin). These major developments were the subject of pre-application consultation in accordance with the Planning Act Wales 2015. Agricultural Buildings   New farm storage buildings were proposed at Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd, Pentre Celyn, Llanelidan, Pentre Coch, Clocaenog, Llanfwrog, Llanbedr Dyffryn Clwyd, Gellifor and Llanrhaedr. In Llanfwrog, applications were also submitted for dairy buildings, a slurry lagoon and an agricultural silage clamp. Education At Ruthin School, applications were submitted for the siting of five portable classrooms and the demolition of the refectory block. Coleg Cambria wish to build a community building at Coleg Llysfasi. A safety fence was proposed at Ysgol Brynhyfryd. Trees Work to trees subject to TPOs were proposed at Glasfryn Ruthin, Llanfair Road Ruthin, and at Scott House Ruthin.  Also in Ruthin crown reduction of trees on St Peter’s Square and removal of trees at Tabernacl Chapel. Work to trees was required at Llanfair Church and the felling of eight trees at St Dyfnog’s Well Llanrhaedr. Listed Building Applications Applications were made to carry out work to Yr Hen Lys Ruthin, Tyddyn Tlodion Llanbedr, Bryn Ffynnon Ruthin and Manor Plas Isaf Llanbedr. Tourism Approval was sought for a  static caravan for holiday use at Llanbedr, siting of four glamping pods in Llanfair, four holiday pods in Cyffylliog, five holiday pods at Llanelidan and conversion of farm outbuildings to form holiday let in Llanbedr. Miscellaneous Several other schemes were being proposed including an ice cream production unit in Llanychan, extensions to service station in Ruthin, four light industrial  units in Ruthin, new build at Ruthin Waste Water Treatment Works, change of use from retail to coffee shop on St Peter’s Square Ruthin, change of use from shop to yoga studio on Market Street Ruthin, new extension for GP facilities at Ruthin Community Hospital, pnew Aldi store in Ruthin and new buildings at Craig y Ddywart Quarry in Rhewl. Concerns Not all applications were viewed favourably, however, and the Committee objected to the proposed egg production unit at Galltegfa on environmental grounds (Town and Around, March 2019). Concern was expressed at the impact the proposed Clwyd Alyn housing scheme at Glasdir will have on the town’s infrastructure particularly as other housing schemes are being considered in Ruthin. The new Aldi store also caused some debate. It was agreed, however, that there would be no specific Civic Association response to these projects. Local Development Plan In August 2018, Denbighshire County Council called for Candidate Sites for the forthcoming LDP. Landowners, developers and any others with interest in land in the county were invited to submit suggested sites for future development, but submitting a site was not a guarantee of inclusion in the LDP. When the Draft Replacement LDP appeared, the committee responded broadly as detailed in the September 2019 issue of Town and Around. Concern was expressed about the periodic waterlogging of the land between the Corwen and Wrexham roads in Ruthin. In addition, it was felt that housing developments in Ruthin would not necessarily keep step with employment opportunities despite the new units proposed at Aldi. Housing at the former Rhos Street schools site could result in homes for the elderly or commuters, none of whom would necessarily contribute to the local economy. Viewing Planning Applications Planning applications can be viewed on Denbighshire County Council’s web site where a weekly list of validated planning applications can be seen. Applications can also be examined by visiting the Caledfryn offices in Denbigh. In addition, the Denbighshire Free Press publishes a weekly list of submitted applications.
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