December 2020

Coronavirus Chronicles Part 3: May 2020 March 2020 | April 2020 Monday May 4th Verge and green space grass cutting resumes. Huws Gray reopens today, with specific timed slots for click, collect & deliveries… … as Taylor Wimpey also reopens its Glasdir site. It creates passing places for walkers along the barriered perimeter. Friday May 8th County Hall flies a flag in commemoration of the 75th anniversary of VE Day, today. Otherwise and given the circumstances, there is little evidence in the town centre of this commemoration. A number of us nevertheless throw caution to the wind and attend appropriately distanced street parties or similar celebrations. A further sign that people are becoming more confident? After the events, clinicians warn that this is not necessary a wise move… whether connected or not, there is a spike in covid-19 cases in North Wales, 10 days later. Saturday May 10th Fine and hot before the weather deteriorates a little. Even more people are about in town in complete contrast to April. Other than queueing for King’s, the pharmacies, the two butchers or Ruthin Wholefoods, there’s little actually to do other than bide. People promenade in the sun. Much more traffic, too. Are people becoming still more confident? There’s a sense with protracted lockdown that some of us are now getting restless, resentful, even edgy; while others look back on the now fading quietude, opportunity and serenity of lockdown with just a trace of yearning for the simpler life we are soon about to forfeit, possibly for ever. Monday May 11th The three devolved nations disagree with today’s English approach. “Stay at home. Stay local” remains the mantra in Wales. There is no lifting of the lockdown, at least for a further three weeks, though from today exercising is permitted in Wales more than once a day. In truth, latterly, some (many?) ignored the previous once a day exercise rule, anyway. A busy day in Ruthin. Morgan’s reopens for the collection of phone orders. Chatwin’s in town reopens today, but with condensed hours between 9a.m and 2p.m. and not at all on Sundays. Chatwin’s soon extends its times to 3p.m. Meanwhile, new rules from today enable garden centres to reopen and our own Seven Oaks does. Family groups are welcomed though no one under 12, please. Interestingly, the florist on the Square also reopens. The post office now opens five days a week (still on compressed hours). Sunday May 17th The scarecrow competition sees fewer than usual entrants. Quality trumps quantity, though, and most are on a VE Day or NHS theme. As befits the times, Colonel Sir Tom Moore is predicted the winner. Monday May 18th The Town Council reconvenes ‘virtually’, using Zoom. Tuesday May 19th Fortnightly green waste collections recommence in Ruthin. Some have green waste collections today, Tuesday; others wait till Wednesday May 27th, such is the luck of the draw. There are no collections since March 18th, which now seems a whole season ago, thanks to the presence of coronavirus. Wednesday May 20th Temporary classrooms are removed from Ruthin School. Planning permission is soon to expire and coronavirus is expected to have a detrimental impact on the number of students attending from the Far East (not to mention the home grown problems faced by the school in January 2020). Thursday May 21st A number of takeaways start back, joining the likes of Aydin’s which has stayed open for the duration. Saturday May 23rd Supermarket supply issues have eased, though fresh greengrocery can be problematic. Flour is back on the menu. Tuesday May 26th The warble of the ice cream van brings the sound of summer to this specific area of Ruthin for the first time. Till now, we’ve only heard it the distance. Thursday May 28th The civic amenity site at Lôn Parcwr reopens for those who have booked a slot. Well managed and, unlike elsewhere in Britain, there is no evidence of huge queues. Friday May 29th We wait with anticipation an announcement from the Welsh Government which may ease lockdown. Will we have yet more confidence?
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