December 2020

Coronavirus Chronicles Part 6: October & November 2020 March 2020 | April 2020 October 1st One Ruthin pub is forced to display an improvement notice under coronavirus health protection regs. October 2nd Denbighshire enters a more restrictive local health protection zone. October 8th The Lord’s Garden opens free of charge for local residents. October 19th Work begins on pedestrian priority one-way traffic systems along Market & Well Streets. This takes three weeks and at its conclusion also sees some additional dropped kerbs to help disabled people. October 23rd From 6 p.m. we enter the lockdown 2 ‘fire-break’, where non-essential services are required to close for just over two weeks. Tesco and Co-op prevent the sale of non-essential goods but, strangely, B & M does not. There ensues a destructive debate about what is and is not essential in supermarkets. Unlike in March, fewer businesses put up posters but, like March, the town and car parks are (mostly) deserted. The most intriguing posters are at Corbett’s, which declares the closure is because of (English) tier three guidelines and The Children’s Society, which is operating to English lockdown dates. The lending library poster reassuringly advises us, ‘Please don’t worry about fines’. October 31st Lockdown prevents hallowe’en high jinks this year in a very subdued affair. November 7th Bus service X1 Ruthin to Chester terminates at Broughton Retail Park for the duration of the English lockdown. November 8th The public is asked to keep away from the town’s remembrance day service. Only specific invitees are allowed. A maximum of 123 people view online. November 9th Nation exits from lockdown 2. Shop doors open and windows again blossom. The Lord’s Garden opens free of charge on Mondays. The following day, for one day only, a number of town centre shops offer 10 per cent off. November 14th First Saturday after lockdown sees alcohol-related disturbances in the town centre after the 10 p.m. closing time and police introduce a dispersal order. November 17th A walk-in covid-19 testing station appears for one day in Crispin Yard before ‘outrage’ sees it move for three weeks to County Hall. Available daily. November 25th Government announces Christmas arrangements. Two days later, it warns of likely hospitality restrictions to come. November 26th Ysgol Brynhyfryd shuts for two days because of a symptomatic cleaner. The school reopens on November 30th following a negative result. At the same time, some year groups at Borthyn and Rhos Street begin self-isolation and the Royal Mail delivery office suffers disruption to mail distribution, owing to a positive case. November 27th Council tweaks the Market Street active travel scheme. December 4th Pubs & restaurants are not permitted to admit patrons after 6 p.m. and cannot sell sell alcohol at all indoors. Those with an off licence may sell alcohol up to 10 p.m. for consumption off the premises.
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