December 2020

Seen in Passing Overnight on November 5th, some wag appended two quite well made signs to the new bollards on Market Street. One, seen here, reads ‘RTC Expressway’. We’re not sure whether the initials ‘RTC’ stood for Ruthin Town Council or road traffic collision. Either way, the signs disappeared early on November 6th. A sign of the times? This ‘road works ahead’ sign features an obviously ill and hopefully self-isolating roadman seemingly grappling with unfurling an umbrella. No sooner had we commented on the skip parked for some weeks on Well Street than it went away. Another came, though, on November 20th. We trust that it will not outstay its welcome. Aldi introduced a rather strange way of managing its traffic at the vehicular entrance to its new Ruthin store. Not only did they mark ‘give way’ on exit, there was one on the entry, too. This gave pedestrians priority while crossing the road but it seemed counter-intuitive. Meanwhile, pedestrians who wish to use Aldi have to walk all the way to the road entrance. It would’ve been so much better had there been a pedestrian path cut nearer to the Mart. On a theme, Tesco car park changes sparked some sour remarks but the majority found favour. It’s still tight but now easier to navigate. In spite of signage, some still ignore the ‘no left turn’ instruction… including some Tesco staff departing when the store is closed. The Free Press website announced Denbighsire’s free parking after 3 p.m. initiative, with an accompanying picture of a full car park… in Mold. Tŷ Celf, Well Street, advertises a pet painting service. Has someone told the RSPCA that golden retrievers might come out blue or that the family pet white rabbit may turn green? Given the public health emergency, it seems such a long time ago that in March 2020 at v.gd/radca we featured an interview with the then manager at The Castle Hotel. She was looking to launch informal, mid-range dining, but the situation put paid to anything in that direction. Last month, the Castle Hotel did inaugurate its new dining area, Tafarn y Ddraig, which adds variety and is also planned to be open during the early part of the week, when others tend to close. Then, along came news of an enforced closure after 6 p.m… A year earlier, March 2019 at v.gd/radca, we wrote about the state of the fingerpost roadsign at Galltegfa. This November, it was refurbished and, although not yet complete, is now a real sight. Can we have the same treatment for that at Lôn Fawr, please? Just as the painstaking restoration of Wynnstay House drew to a close, the other half of the former Wynnstay Arms required urgent roof repairs. The people of Llanbedr created over 400 ‘poppies’ out of old plastic bottles. These were on display at St Peter’s churchyard.
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