June 2020

In Passing… Here, we look at some of the more off-beat moments locally during the first three months of the coronavirus crisis… Amid the rainbows, the signage supporting the NHS and the messages in the towns windows beseeching us to stay at home, this was the only descenting voice we’ve seen in Ruthin. It is still on Rhos Street. When it comes to social distancing, these GPO telephone engineers have found a new way to do it, seen on Denbigh Road. One of our businesses now offers a takeaway service but obviously had second thoughts about offering a 50 per cent discount to NHS staff. Recently, handwritten below the window bills in one of our salons was a note stating, ‘For an emergency contact, please call 07….” Presumably that would be a medial emergency, right? Or perhaps a split nail? It is thanks to the salons in town that the coronavirus notices add a human touch, like, ‘My heart is broken but is also so full from the support and I cannot thank every single person enough’. Many other businesses simply offer information only. An excellent idea. Appeared for a short while on Wernfechan was this box of free books, with the invitation to take one if you feel bored. One such book had the rather threatening title, “When You Dead, You Dead”. The stickers “Back Off” and “Keep your Distance” as seen on this car on the Square in May were just made for lockdown, don’t you think. Not that it would seem that everyone was taking the owner’s advice, judging by the rusty gouge above the number plate. The closure of public lavatories resulted in this sign on the Market Street, which reads, “Apologies for any inconvenience caused”. Is W & G Jones butchers moving into the female accessory business with this line in chicken fillets? The Archive closed on March 19th but, as this picture seems to indicate, one month later, their was still an “inmate” lurking within and trying to break out. In the picture framers on Mwrog Street near Pont Howkin is this frame with a single sheet of lavatory paper, which reads, “Break Glass in an Emergency”. Thank heavens for the internet in these difficult times. What would we do without it. We hear on the wireless that we are compelled to keep 2m apart from everyone. I’ve checked online to determine exactly how far away 2m actually is. It saves searching for a conversion table and a slide rule. 2m is apparently 6′ 6″. Why don’t they just say so? Anyway, now we know. It seems that I am not the only person uncomfortable with the metric system. Amid this wonderful caricature of hard-working, front-line staff at the Well Street pharmacy, above, is a revision to the Governments’ distancing requirements. Unless, of course, Well Street Pharmacy has simply misunderstood that advice! It appears that staff at St Kentigern’s left in such a hurry that they affixed their caronavirus notice upside down. It’s now rectified. Seen in early April, recognising at the time there was a shortage of lavatory paper, this corona-savvy corvid sits on the Old Courthouse while bundling up some toilet paper for future use.
Archive from 2013 Historic Interest